Social Collaboration: Now Its For Marketing Planning and Strategy

Toledo, Ohio December 19, 2008 – The emerging social sciences discipline of Social Collaboration just found a new advocate in Toledo-based marketing research and strategy company c8mr, LLC. Today c8mr announced Forum360TM, its newly developed social collaboration tool for marketers. “Forum360TM is a specialized business strategy tool which incorporates online collaboration between customers and marketers to solve today's complex marketing dilemmas”, states c8mr President & CEO, Lynn P. Brown. “Forum360TM uses online social conversations among customer or target interest groups to develop a holistic understanding of consumers in context. Marketers can apply social collaboration to spot trends, develop products, develop customer communications and advertising, engineer the customer experience, or even delve into brand image, loyalty and positioning.”

"Forum360TM brings marketers a mashup of online social networking tools, online quantitative and qualitative research techniques, and decision making and problem-solving techniques to generate creative and more effective marketing solutions”, according to Phil Jackson, c8mr Vice President of Marketing. “Forum360TM uses collective wisdom of peer-to-peer interaction and sharing to feed marketing engines. By creating an authentic engagement for consumers in a trusted environment, Forum360TM utilizes the richness of interaction to explore insights into usage habits, values, lifestyles, attitudes and beliefs. By facilitating open collaboration between clients and their customers, c8mr produces transformative competitive advantages for our clients,” Jackson added.

Using professional community managers, c8mr manages the invitation process to establish the online community of customers, provides all the software interfaces and ongoing communications to the community, and guides and implements its clients in the use of Forum360TM to solve problems and apply insights for competitive advantage.

About c8mr, LLC

c8mr, LLC is a marketing research and strategy company known until 2008 as Creative Marketing Enterprises, Inc. The company was formed in Toledo, Ohio in 1974 as a full-service marketing research company, specializing in automotive research. c8mr also provides marketing consulting and develops online communities using customer panels for its clients. In addition to its historic automotive focus, the company has supported market leaders in the consumer packaged goods, health care, telecommunications, petroleum and apparel industries. Clients include Ford, Sears, FedEx, and Wrangler.